Creating Global Leadership Through Cultural Competence

At Shumsky Associates, we believe that the greatest barrier to success in international business comes from a failure to Grasp cultural understanding.

ShumskyAssociates is dedicated to helping people and organizations understand how to work more effectively in Cross cultural situations.

Shumsky Associates is a global consulting company dedicated to helping organizations and their employees maximize effectiveness in cross border relationships through the practical application of cultural understanding.

Our mission at Shumsky Associates is to promote the development of effective international relationships through cultural understanding. Our clients develop expertise in cross border relationships by first learning how to understand their own culture.

We differentiate ourselves from other providers of intercultural services through our hands on approach as practitioners. Many providers of intercultural services focus on country specific business etiquette and training programs. These are often excellent programs offered through the human resource or corporate training departments but tend to be very general and not geared toward actual problems faced by line managers. Our executives have personally conducted negotiations in over 50 countries on 6 continents. We are not trainers - we are business people who have encountered challenges requiring business expertise. We pride ourselves on getting our hands dirty. If you have real problems requiring practical and experienced solutions you will find Shumsky Associates to be the right choice for your cross border business needs.